Personal training that is convenient and tailored to your schedule.

At Personal Training 1 to 1

We understand each Client is an individual and have different needs – that is why we tailor exercises to achieve your fitness goals.

About Us

At Personal Training 1 to 1, we have over 23 years of experience and over 30,000 sessions behind us. We are committed to helping you achieve your individual goals, using innovative training techniques, that are both manageable and challenging. You can be a first-timer to Personal Training or a regular gym user - we will assist you in improving your body and mindset and achieve the results you want.

To keep you motivated and focused, we will agree on a training schedule that is fit around your schedule and at a location of your choice. Our sessions start from 5am and finish as late as 10pm. Each session lasts 45 minutes and is designed to optimise results through an intense and challenging workout programme.

We understand that success extends beyond the personal training session. We will work with you on assessing your goals and eating habits to ensure your training is supported by a tailored diet plan. Our diet guides and workout plans are free to all Clients signing up for a package of minimum 20 sessions.

For inspiring success stories, please read testimonials from our amazing Clients.

Did you know?

  • 100% of our Clients are satisfied with our service;
  • 90% of our Clients have reduced their body fat percentage;
  • 15% of our Clients were trained to run the marathon;
  • 70% of our Clients are women;
  • 90% of our male Clients have increased their muscle mass;
  • 75% renewal rate from our existing Clients;
  • No Client has ever given up!

To join us, sign up for a free, 30-minute consultation and start your transformation. Once you see the results, you will never look back!

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