Our customers are at a cornerstone of our approach to training.

We will listen to your goals and design workout routines that you will enjoy.

Our team of top trainers cover every aspect of fitness from Boxing to Pilates.

We cater to our Clients' needs.


"I signed up with Nick and it was refreshing to train with him considering we trained in public spaces as supposed to in a gym. In the cold months of January/February Nick and I met sometimes at 5:15am with snow on the ground and bitterly cold temperatures to do a session which was never an issue. Personal training is very personal for me and it is important that I click with the trainer and potentially see if I will get results from my sessions. Nick is flexible with training times to fit around my busy schedule."

I can highly recommend Nick.

Pieter Cronje
Griffin Global Group

"Nick has taken me from zero exercise to training sessions three times a week and is always willing to fit round my work and home schedule. I am not a natural at keeping fit but Nick makes doing all these things bearable and achievable. If its possible for someone who makes you lift a kettle bell over and over again or run up to the park when you don't want to leave the house to become a friend, then Nick is your man."

Sharon Stammers
Light Collective

"I have been training with PT 1 TO 1 for 3 months now and I have enjoyed every session with him. He makes each one different and fun at the same time as encouraging me to put in my best effort, which is sometimes hard at 6AM or after a day at work but he helps to keep me motivated and interested.

When I first contacted him he replied very quickly and we met and got started within a short space of time.

He listened to what I wanted and needed and I feel he has come up with a plan that suits me and the way I want to train that will meet the goals we have discussed. We meet in my local park which is ideal for me as it's close and I prefer to be outside rather than in a gym. I already feel fitter and have lost fat.

Above all I feel completely safe with PT 1 TO 1 in a park on a dark winters morning and I know my safety is important to him. He makes me feel comfortable to be able to talk about my body, which is really important to me. We also have a laugh which makes getting up at 6.00 so much easier.

I would highly recommend PT 1 TO 1 to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer."


"When I first meet my trainer I went through my free consultation and the body fat and measurements were worrying to say the least. With this fresh on my mind I signed up to the 30 session package and never looked back my trainer is never late always pushes me always mixes the sessions up every time. I have lost 5% body fat and have a flat stomach."

Sharon Stammers
Light Collective

Celebrities we have trained in our 10 years

Ricky Gervais "Awesome training company the chat is great and they work me like a dog recommend them to anyone who is fat like me."

Ricky Gervais

Gordon Ramsey "Wandsworth Common has never been so attractive at 6 am in the morning. Knock on the door at 5:55 am and straight to work, thank you guys."

Gordon Ramsey

Did you know?

  • 100% of our Clients are satisfied with our service;
  • 90% of our Clients have reduced their body fat percentage;
  • 15% of our Clients were trained to run the marathon;
  • 70% of our Clients are women;
  • 90% of our male Clients have increased their muscle mass;
  • 75% renewal rate from our existing Clients;
  • No Client has ever given up!

To join us, sign up for a free, 30-minute consultation and start your transformation. Once you see the results, you will never look back!

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