World class team with over 20 years of experience.

Over 1,000 satisfied Clients, over 30,000 sessions delivered.

The Team

We have a top-notch team and all of our trainers have at least 5 years' experience behind them. Our Master Trainers have over 10 years of experience. We are strong believers that experience brings excellence.

Nick: Founder & Master Trainer

Nick is the founder of Personal Training 1 to 1. He has travelled around the world to learn and teach the latest workout techniques and worked with every type of Client from top Premier League footballers, A-list celebrities, to mums, office professionals and a range of corporate Clients.

His experience is outstanding and with great chat and communication skills the sessions are pleasant and fun.

Nick specialises in fat loss, muscle tone and definition as well as abs and core tone.

"I believe nothing is impossible, I will push you hard until we get the results you want and deserve, but at the same time have fun. Personal training is about building a relationship and working hard but at the same time having fun with it".

Eleonora - Yoga / Pilates Trainer

Eleonora - Yoga / Pilates Trainer With a background in creative arts and design sectors, Eleonora's teaching focuses on using the yoga practice as a tool to live deeper and more meaningful lives. Her interest in the body and mind connection, self-improvement, and creating the best possible version of yourself led her to yoga.

She pays careful attention to the students' individual needs and gives adjustments, variations, and modifications to help them deepen their practice physically, mentally, and spiritually.

She teaches dynamic vinyasa classes that emphasize building strength, creating flexibility, encouraging play, and learning to float. Her caring and intelligent teaching style makes yoga relatable for all levels. Whether beginner or advanced, students can get ready to step outside their comfort zone.

Eleonora’s own practice has played a transformational role in her life, being a source of physical strength, resilience, mental clarity, emotional stability, self-awareness, presence, and connection.

She attends continuing education workshops and is devoted to the on-going learning experience of being a teacher and practitioner.

Tamara - Personal Trainer

Tamara Personal Trainer I am a dietitian, sport nutritionist and a fitness trainer with an experience across weight lifting, fat loss, body toning, pregnancy, nutrition and sports supplememts.

I've always had a big passion for nutrition and fitness. I believe that nutrition is the key to unlock your bodies potential.

A balanced diet is the best medicine and a long term investment: No one got skinny by eating one salad and no one got fat by eating one chocolate!

I am ready to deliver safe, effective and individualized exercice programs, nutrition advice, coaching and support. My role is to provide physical as well as mental health and monitor the progress.

I love helping people to achieve their goals to become a better version of their selves while enjoying it. Nothing worthwhile will never come to you easily. NOW GET TO WORK :)

Lin - Personal Trainer

Lin Personal Trainer I've had a big passion for health and fitness for years now, I have gained so much confidence, mental and physical strength through training in the gym that has poured over into all areas of my life.

My mission is to help you become the healthiest, happiest and fittest version of yourself. To transform your mind body and soul.

My area is body composition, fat loss, building muscle, strength training, nutrition and mindset.

I look forward to working with you to be a better you.

Mike - Master Trainer

I was born in Bulgaria and moved to London in 1994. I studied Acting and Film and I hold Masters Degree in Media Management. Throughout my life and career, I have always managed to balance arts and sport, competing and winning at national rowing and cycling championships. I became a Personal Trainer in 2014 and my approach to training is centred around identifying physical and well-being goals from the onset of the training. I push my Clients to achieve the best possible results whilst maintaining positive mindset and overall well-being.

I have a keen interest in psychology and sports psychology in particular. I hold a Level 3 and Level 4 Diplomas in psychotherapy. I coach a variety of Clients (ages vary from 7-73 years old) and disciplines, including rowing and tennis, and manage teams of 20-30 athletes.

I understand that every Client is unique and so are their needs, therefore each session is planned around their needs and goals. Together we work through pushing though barriers and getting desired results.

Amie - Personal Trainer

I have been in the industry for over five years, and my motto is all about building 'a better you' - be it in mind or body.

I like to be creative with my sessions in terms of training methods, using my extensive knowledge of anatomy and rehabilitation; giving adaptations for beginners and progressions for those who are more advanced. Versatility of exercises I incorporate provide a training session that is unique and aimed towards learning new exercises and techniques.

During one to one session, I work closely with the Client's specific goals, adhering to what it is that they want out of their program: from weight loss, fat loss, hypertrophy to sport specific goals.

Although I work you beyond your limitations, my outgoing personality and sense of humour will keep you coming back for more!

Qualifications & Interests:

  • Advanced strength and conditioning;
  • Strongman;
  • Olympic lifting;
  • Suspension training;
  • Kettlebells.

Marlon - Personal Trainer

I work with the philosophy of Valuing your Body, as your body is very important, and it is used in everyday life. My focus is on overall well-being fitness: strength, fitness, weight loss, flexibility and boxing coaching.

Throughout my career, I have worked with a variety of Clients: corporate, schools, centres, gyms and boxing clubs. Some of my protégés went on to become professional champions.

I am an ex Queensbury light middleweight British champion, however my career ended via an injury. I also used to play football for Chelsea, Barnet as semi-pro footballer. My method to training is in unison with how I train myself - I put you through your paces, but at the same time you will have a lot of fun getting fit. I am very passionate about helping people achieve their goals and feeling better to perform in all areas of life.


  • Pad box;
  • ABA boxing fitness qualification;
  • Football coaching;
  • PT level 3.

Tshon - Personal Trainer

Tshon is a personal trainer based in SW London and an active athlete who specialises in sprinting, which is his passion.

My priority is to make personal training sessions fun, creative and effective. I keep all Clients continuously engaged, and ensure they achieve the results they seek. Sessions with me are tailored to each Client's needs but at the same time they are challenging and push them to achieve their goals.


  • Strength and Conditioning;
  • Weight loss;
  • Speed and agility;
  • Compound lifting;
  • Boxing.


Our trainers have the following qualifications:

  • Sports Science Degree;
  • Premiere Qualifications;
  • Future Fit Advanced Personal Training;
  • Level 3 Reps;
  • Pre and Post;
  • Core Stability Experts;
  • Circuit Training;
  • TRX;
  • Kids Fitness;
  • Fully insured;
  • First aiders;
  • Worldwide experience;
  • Fitness test experts;
  • Diet and nutrition;
  • Weight loss experts;
  • Bulk / Tone specialists.

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