Our in-house nutritionist will design tailor-made diet plan to support your training and achieve long-lasting results.

Nutrition is a key part of fitness training. We make sure the diet changes monthly to see maximum results.

Diet Tips & Nutrition Services London

Our sessions are 45 minutes long, with every session being paced at a high intensity level and combined with a full body workout and muscle toning.

You do not have to be fit or worked out before. Our Clients come from different levels of fitness. From first timers to professional athletes, we design a programme that is best for you.

How do we measure the results?

Every month we assess your diet and take the following measurements to make sure we are on track to hitting your goals:

  • Body fat %;
  • BMI;
  • Weight;
  • VO2 Max;
  • Weight.

Diet is a key factor in working out and achieving long-lasting results. The hard part of exercising is keeping to a healthy diet, day in day out.

At no extra charge we look at every Client's diet and eating habits and arrange a free diet guide every month for the duration of your package. This is free with all packs of 20 sessions or more.

Quick diet tips

The little things add up, start with the basics and then look at everything else:

  • Drink two Litres of water a day;
  • 5-a-day. Eat five fruit and vegetables a day;
  • Eat five small meals every day;
  • Dinner no later than 8pm;
  • Always eat breakfast;
  • Snack on nuts.

Introduce a high fibre diet so you stay full for longer and do not snack on sugary foods

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