Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Nick Our CEO and Master Trainer has been a dedicated Life Coach for over a decade, transforming clients' lives.

"My coaching programmes are designed to transform your life (or certain areas of it), not just add value to it. I want you to have total clarity as to what you want in life, have unstoppable confidence in yourself, reach social mastery, become a remarkable leader, and operate on the highest level of performance possible – whatever it is that you need and want the most.

My aim is to provide every single one of my clients with a coaching experience parallel to a Michelin-starred restaurant dining experience, luxury boutique five-star hotel experience, Harley Street doctor experience, or Bond Street shopping experience.

I get results by being present in your life for the entirety of the time we work together, where you have 24/7, 365 access to me. An added benefit of becoming a client is that my large (and just full of bloody nice people) network becomes your network. Forever.

I work differently with everyone, simply because everyone I work with is different. I don’t follow any template or particular school of coaching. I am my coaching style. With each new client, I design a unique, perfectly fitted coaching programme for the person in front of me/you.

I won't ask you to transform into something you're not and don't aspire to be, I simply ask that you open your mind to the possibility that you can do so much more with what you already have. If you're serious about going somewhere you've never been, pushing higher and further than you or anyone else thought you could, then it's time to trust the voice inside telling you to do what you know you can do and create a truly remarkable life.

My clients and I work together, and their lives often change beyond recognition. This opportunity will cost you more than money, though. I need your energy and commitment as well. Let's talk when you're ready, and your life will transform.

Please note that my coaching is for all ages.

My life coaching rates are below:

  • For a free consultation please contact me directly on my personal number
  • Life coaching takes place in our Mayfair Office or online using our unique online virtual live system.

Telephone: 07788 255048

Life Coaching Packages:

3 Life Coaching Sessions (Trial Package - only one purchase per client): £200
1 Month Life Coaching Package – 3 Sessions a week 24/7 support and advice: £850
2 Month Life Coaching Package – 3 Sessions a week 24/7 support and advice: £1600
3 Month Life Coaching Package – 3 Sessions a week 24/7 support and advice: £2100

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